Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Everyday with the "Holy" and the "Fairy"!

I had another birthday celebration today!

This time it was with the "Holy", my Bibiliarasal friends (Wina and Vinnie) and the "Fairy", (FGM Cindy)! And of course, with the "constant" - Mona.

It was an Asian themed dinner.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Thai Nam Prik Ong

Korean Pork BBQ and Beef Bulgogi

Jap Chae

Dessert was provided by FGM! All my favorites!

White Icing Costa Brava Cake! Orange and Langka Ice Cream!

I had to try a little piece of cake!!!!

Ohhh it was so good! Absolutely divine! I love the Marshmallow icing!

I am so thrilled that they enjoyed the food!

Thank you so much for indulging me with my crazy whim of celebrating my birthday everyday!



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