Friday, September 13, 2013

Rest From Cooking

I love to cook! If I can do it all the time, I would! But my wrist is very painful due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I injured my wrist playing badminton when it was a craze. I haven't stopped cooking since my catering stint last September 4.

When I cook, my wrist tends to bend inward, that is a big no-no so I wear a wrist brace now to prevent it from doing so.

I cannot wear it when I am cooking or baking.

It was Hermie who cooked my food today.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs.

Lunch: Fried Dalagang Bukid and 1 C. Rice

My merienda was better, I had the Porkloin Set at Healthy Shabu Shabu in Rockwell.

I even had hot fudge sundae and the flavored fries at Mc Donald's but brought home half of the fries, I could not finish it anymore.

Dinner: Just a couple of Beef Tacos.

I had a pleasant surprise today!

1 tiklis of Lanzones from Ate Gina of Celina! Thank you! I shared it with Kuya, PD and Hermie!

I am going to rest from cooking for several days to give my wrist time to heal but I will not stop eating!

The Wriggly Chronicles


I'm delighted to inform you that Wriggly seems to feel better! The vitamins your husband prescribed, 1-6-12 helped him a lot! He ate his food from his new dish and even begged me for the crunchy lettuce I used for my tacos! He was even jumping up and down.



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