Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Talangka is Wheat-free!

Yes! Talangka is a Wheat-Free food!

I went to Farmer's Market today and was very lucky!

I shared it with Mona, we ate it with kalamansi and rock salt for lunch.

I was attempting to go again to Banoi's in Kapitolyo but I had a very late breakfast. I was so full my tummy could not accommodate a serving of Beef Pho.


I had 2-egg Spanish Omelette....

Fried Hot and Spicy Sardines

And a cup of rice.

My very diligent cooking student, Shey Tam Esquivel, learned how to cook Mayette's Soyless Adobo.


She and I are trying our very best to do wheat-free.

Our snack was very delicious generic Garlic Peanuts from Farmer's.

It reminds me of Charlie's Peanuts.

I had to buy it because I needed to replace the Happy Peanuts I ate last night.

I will use it for my catering tomorrow.

After dinner snack: Kettle Corn

Ohhhhh good news! Nothing major but......

I was able to wear my grey pair of shorts that was too tight last week!

And.... My FBS dropped down by 20 points!


The Wriggly Chronicles

My sleeping beauty.



  1. Looks like Wriggly also wanted popcorn :))

    1. Hi Vicky! Yes! Sometimes he likes to eat the popcorn that popped out of the kettle. But his tummy can't handle it.

  2. Hello Lia,

    I am a regular reader of this lovely blog. I would like to ask if your wheat free diet is also gluten free or are they the same.



    1. Hi Nini! Thank you for reading my blog. Wheat-free diet, you totally eliminate all wheat and starch products such a corn starch or rice starch. Gluten-free has more leeway because rice, corn and other starches are used in lieu of wheat based starches like flour and all its "cousins".
      Plus, if you go to Healthy Options, there are a lot of gluten-free products.
      But for my medical problems, I'd rather do wheat-free but I haven't given up yet on others starches yet except wheat.