Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mona's Heart-stopping Birthday in Cebu

We have a new favorite destination, it is Cebu! We love the food there! That is the reason why Mona celebrated her birthday in Cebu with me and Corry.

Our stay at Marriot Cebu was Corry's gift to Mona.

Now.... On to the heart stopping show.....

After we checked in at the hotel, we immediately went to CNT.

I love their Lechon!

For me it is the best in the city simply because I love its taste. The blending of all the herbs and right amount of saltiness... Hahahaha I mean high amount! It is perfect for dipping in their soy- vinegar sauce.

The next heart stopper was at Kusina Uno, The Home of the Best Pochero in Town.

Ohhhh I was in heaven! And so were Mona and Corry!

We especially loved the marrow and fat dipped in kalamansi, rufina and chili!

It came with two shanks!

We went to Tymad Bistro for Dessert....

Nutella Crepe


Mango Cheesecake.

I did not eat the crepe because it had wheat but the mango cheesecake sans crust was wheat-free!

I enjoyed it and I was surprised it even had mango cubes!

Corry said the crust was really delicious.

Dinner was at Harbour City

Steamed Spicy Rice

Sio Mai

Bacon-wrapped Sio Mai

Steamed Spareribs

Sweet and Sour Pork

And Hakaw.

I thought I was the only one who felt full in the middle of our meal. It turned out, the siblings also felt so full. Maybe because the steamed rice was heavy in our stomachs.

Happy Birthday, Mona! (September 16)

My gift to her was the dress. When I saw it, I knew it would suit her very well.

We had the breakfast buffet at the hotel.

I had my usual caramelized bacon. I specifically asked the chef not to make it crispy and to cook it until the brown sugar caramelizes. I loved their sio mai and humba too!

I also had the cheese and ham omelette with vegetables.

I went back for a second serving of sio mai and ate it with the rice noodle soup. I could not eat the breads and pastries.

Our lunch and our most favorite was the Crispy Pata at Alejandro's!

I am not a crispy pata eater but it was simply the best! I googled " Best Crispy Pata in Cebu" and Voila!

The skin was really crispy and paper thin! I was able to pull apart all the knuckles!

Look at my fingers! They are like the extensions of the trotter!

Dessert was at La Marea.

The sisters had the Warm Brownie Cup.

I had to decline because it was not wheat-free plus I was being careful with my sugar intake.

We heard the 4 pm mass at St. Joseph the Patriarch Parish.

Merienda was the Crunchy Chicken Skin Chicharon at Sunburst!

I ordered the potato chips because I prefer it over the skin chicharon.

It was indeed a cholesterol laden birthday celebration. Mona and Corry had to take Lipitor!

We were so up to our necks with greasy, delicious food. We decided to have a light early dinner at Lemongrass.

Gai Cuon

And Pad Thai.

Alas... Our heart-stopping celebration had to come to an end.

I enjoyed myself so much!

It was as though it was my birthday all over again!

Thank you so much, Mona and Corry!

I am so excited already for your birthday treat next year, Ms. "I Love Cholesterol!"


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