Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Yaya Hermie!

My friends and I celebrated the birthday of Yaya Hermie today!

She is camera shy.... Hahaha... told us, we should have taken her picture while she was still wearing lipstick. Earlier in the day, she renewed her Bel-Air ID and Yellow card.

I brought home CNT Lechon from Cebu. She liked the Sinigang Na Lechon we had last month. So that was what I cooked for her.

Jing and Mona were our guests and I let Jing try my Pad Thai.

I still have Paksiw na Lechon in the freezer and heated a serving for them.

I wanted to show-off and cook the rice in my heavy-duty pastry cooking pot instead of the rice cooker.

Mayette taught me how to cook rice. I did not even measure the water!

And look!

The rice did not stick to the bottom of the pot!

The merienda I prepared for Hermie was Pancit Bihon.

Can you see the "glistening" Pancit!?!

I added my precious liquid gold (lechon Kawali drippings) before serving it.

Mona was the one who seasoned the stock for the Pancit.

Her gift to Hermie was the Cheese Pichi Pichi from Amber's.

Jing gave Hermie Toblerone chocolate.

Kuya ordered Amber's Pork BBQ! I forgot to take the picture of the whole lot.

Everybody loves Hermie!

I announced in FB it's her birthday today and there were many well-wishers!

I thank God that He has gifted me with someone who cares about me very much!

I have many quirks and idiosyncrasies... I am very spoiled and she puts up with my craziness!

The Wriggly Chronicles

I think in his little way.... Wriggly loves Hermie too!

Ha hahahaha They have a love and hate relationship.

Hermie would let him out in the yard but he would do his "business" inside as soon as he enters the house or after Hermie mops the floor!

He loves to play "hide and seek".... When Hermie is not looking, he would jump on top of her dining table and steal her food!

I remember one Christmas, I gave Hermie a plateful of Lechon... And when she got back to her kitchen.... The food was gone! Hahahaha....

But... when I am out of town and Wriggly would not stop barking or crying, that's when Hermie allows him to sleep on her bed!


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