Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adobong Alimango

Everybody's favorite is the Adobong Alimango of Tita Letty Alonzo. A few weeks ago, Sansan said there was an article in the Inquirer which featured the recipe of Mila Banzon of Balanga, Bataan. Tita Letty's Mom was a Banzon, also from Balanga. So.... I suppose this is their family's recipe.

Adobong Alimango of Mila Banzon ( August 8, 2013 Inquirer)



I went to Famer's Market today and bought 1 1/2 Kilos live female crabs from my favorite seafood vendor, Rizza. Mona, Shey and I split the cost 3-way. Shey even let her Cook accompany me so I had someone to carry our loot and I showed her all my suki stalls, Teresa's for the Beef Tapa and Nuts and Groceries for the Garlic peanuts.

It was so hard to dismember a live crab! For a second I was feeling so sorry for it but after a while, the thought of what I am going to cook overrode my feelings of sympathy.

I scraped the aligue from the crab.

Marinated it in patis and kalamansi juice.

Fried the garlic until golden in color.....

Sautéed the crab in the oil in which the garlic was browned...

Added the aligue....

Transferred the crabs onto a serving plate, then topped with toasted garlic.

The article said to serve it with garlic rice. I left some of the sauce in the wok then tossed the garlic rice in!

We had green mangoes and bagoong on the side.

We were happy campers!

Can't you tell by their expressions?!

Tricia could not join us for lunch because she had to attend a meeting.

We sent her a picture....

With the caption:

Tricia! We saved some for you because we love you! Can you feel the love?


She replied, Yes! All the way from the Barangay Hall and gave explicit instructions to hide it from Wriggly! Hahahaha ha.

We are going to Metro Supermarket later to buy Asian ingredients then I will cook Pad Thai again and Tricia will be able to enjoy her cholesterol from heaven!

FYI: Mona's dessert was Lipitor 20

September 19: I cooked again the Adobong Alimango for the second time and adjusted the recipe according to my taste.


2 K. Live female crabs

1/2 C. Kalamansi juice

1/4 C. Patis

3 big heads garlic, chopped

1/2 C. Cooking oil

2 C. Water

1 t. Black pepper

Follow Mila Banzon's procedure.



  1. Why this adobog alimango is popular? ASAP.

    1. I don't know why. Maybe because it is not commonly cooked. The popular crab dish is chili crabs.

  2. great blog and recipe! I will definitely try this when I go to Hawaii and catch a few alimangos, over there we call it Samoan crab! I found your page while searching up Cambodian crab dishes, ended up finding some Filipino ones instead!! I just recently started my own cooking blog focusing on almost exclusively crab recipes! Only 1 post so far, but many many more to come. Please visit if you're interested! crabdiet.blogspot.com