Saturday, September 14, 2013

HK Choi, Megamall

Kuya had to go to Megamall to renew his passport. I tagged along again. We had lunch at HK Choi.

We ordered the Salt and Pepper Squid

Steamed Spareribs and Chicken Feet


Sharkskin Siomai


Taro Puff

I forgot that the squid has starch coating. But maybe they only used corn or tapioca starch. All purpose flour is expensive compared to the other starches.

I removed the wrapper of the Hakaw but not the Sio Mai's.

My breakfast was yogurt.

I woke up late because I slept at 3 am browsing the Internet for Cebu restaurants. I am making the Cebu Birthday itinerary of Mona.

Ohhhh I've been wanting to eat junk food! The least of all evils is the potato chips.

I did not finish the whole pack, just had a few handfuls.

My dinner was Filipino Bistek and rice.

I bought the meat in Rustan's. It was ok but it makes a big difference if I use the Top Sirloin from Farmer's.

So far.... I haven't succumbed to eating bread, pasta nor pastries!

Even if I was so tempted! They have the Baker's Fair in Rockwell.

I really Love... Love... Love the Bocaditos filled with wild mushroom, gruyere and truffle oil!

And the Bronuts! I just looked at them but did not try even if they were giving free samples.

Blueberries and cream...

Cream cheese and bacon...

Belgian chocolate.

Thank God I was not tempted! That is the great thing about getting through the first hellish week of wheat withdrawal... Once I have eliminated the taste from my mouth, I will not crave for it anymore.

The Wriggly Chronicles

Ohhhh ever since Wriggly has started taking B1-6-12, he has been more active to the point of rambunctiousness!

He jumped up several times on my bed.... Messed around with the stuff in my headboard cubby hole...


His goal was to steal my new lipgloss!


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