Thursday, September 19, 2013

Killing Me Softly.....

Strumming my pain with his fingers...

Singing my life with his words...

Killing me softly with his song....

Killing me softly with his song....

I was singing that song in my head almost all day long and also out loud.

I want to share with you how to cook and eat Beef Tapa.

First, you have to buy the tapa at Teresa's stall in Farmer's Market. Look for Gil. Tell him I sent you and to give you Top Sirloin.

Ohhhh and the most important instruction, you need FAT.

I asked Gil for extra fat and he gave me a big chunk of yummy honest to goodness natural beef fat!

Cut the fat into small cubes.

Put in a wok, add half a cup of water and stir fry until the oil has been rendered from the fat.

It should look like this and the texture should resemble crumbled bacon.

Next, stir fry the meat in the oil from the fat. Never stop stirring or else it will get tough.

As soon as the oil is clear, remove the meat.

Pour the excess oil into the serving dish where you put the toasted fat but leave some oil to cook the garlic rice.

How to eat the Beef Tapa:

A serving of garlic rice, a serving of beef tapa and a serving of toasted fat for each spoonful!

Ohhhhh Joy! Joy! Joy!

Killing me softly with his song.....

Mona ordered Adobong Alimango from me.

She will serve it on Sunday. Mayette said I can freeze it till then.

My friend, Aileen, suggested I should put the live crabs in the freezer so they will fall asleep but.....

After an hour... They were still moving and breathing!

I had to dismember them while they were still alive! I could not take it anymore! I felt so much pity for them.

Food Journal:

Breakfast: 2 soft-boiled eggs with butter and fleur de sel from FGM (fairy godmother).

Lunch: Ate and I had lunch at Max's.

Fried Chicken

Sinigang na Baboy


My favorite fish now is Dalagang Bukid.

It is my new discovery. My 3rd time to eat the fish. It was very fresh when I bought it at Farmer's Market. I usually eat my fish with kalamansi, cold chunks of butter and Knorr seasoning.

I asked Hermie to cook the recipe on the label of Knorr seasoning.

Adobong Sitaw and Kangkong.

It was very, very good and so easy to cook!




1/4 K. Ground pork

2 T. Knorr seasoning

1/2 C. Water

2 bundles sitaw

1 bundle kangkong

Saute garlic, onions and tomatoes until soft.

Add ground pork, stir-fry until not pink anymore.

Add the Knorr seasoning and water. When it boils, add the sitaw and kangkong.


Beef Tapa and garlic rice.

Hermie does not want to eat meat anymore because she just got her test results. Her cholesterol level is over the limit. I had to buy her several kinds of fish in the market. I also told her we should start eating vegetables.

I know even if I eat these food high in fat and cholesterol, my numbers are still in the normal range. My problem is my sugar. I am going to have my tests done in December after doing wheat-free for 3 months.

Let us wait and see what tales the numbers tell.


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