Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 1 Wheat-free

I survived day 1 of my diet!

I have been going crazy for Vietnamese Pho for several days already. I wanted to go to Ba Noi on Perea but they moved to Kapitolyo beside Charlie's Grind. Next best thing was Pho Hoa, Greenbelt.

I had the beef tendon, flank, brisket and meat ball combination.

Uh oh! I had 1 meat ball which was not wheat-free! Well.... I do not plan to beat myself up over the fact.

I love their meatballs.... Just last Tuesday, I ordered the meatball Pho when I was in Gateway.

My dinner was breakfast food!

Tinapa, red egg, 1 sliced tomato....

Garlic Fried Rice...


Goya Hot Chocolate.

I was surprised it tasted good. I actually prefer it over Swiss Miss because it was not as sweet.

I want to congratulate myself because I know I did good today. It may not be sugar-free but at least no bread nor pasta! Rice noodles are made from rice and not from wheat.

Hoping for another successful wheat-free day tomorrow.

Wriggly Chronicles

My baby Wriggly woke up late this morning. He did not want to leave his bed.... His "look" was telling me to "scram!"




  1. Hi Lia! Have you tried Quinoa? Truth is I only learned about it recently and it's supposed to be healthy.

    1. I've tried it once, Vicky, but I'd rather eat rice.