Monday, January 16, 2012

Crystal Jade, Greenhills

I am in my vegetable dumpling obsession.  I already tried the one from Lugang Cafe several times and today , I wanted the dumplings of Crystal Jade in Greenhills.

Hmmmm not bad .... but honestly ... I prefer the dumplings of Lugang, albeit, more than double the price.

I also ordered the Vegetarian Fried Spring Rolls.

I asked the cook to make the Hot and Spicy Soup, vegetarian.  I should have told him to make it Vegan.

I forgot to tell him not to put eggs.  I loved the soup.  I am not sure though if the soup was meat-based or not.

There is still an on-going Chinese Food Fair at the Concourse Level of Rockwell.

I bought the Tofu Cua Pao with Whole Wheat Bun.

Surprise!!!!! It tasted very good! Almost as good as the one made with pork!!! I have a new favorite.  I bought it from Ha (Ho?) Yuan.

For dinner, I cooked Vegan Sotanghon

and Stir-fried Asparagus, Broccoli and 2 kinds of Mushrooms.

Mona had 5 strips of crispy bacon and I shared the veggies with her.

FBS = 121!!!!  I am almost near my goal.  Actually, I am now considered, bordeline diabetic.  Well .... LOL ... according to a medical website, not according to my doctor.  But I am almost there!!!!


  1. the tofu cuapao looks delicious! I love your pancit too.. looks yummy & healthy!

  2. Hi pinkcookies! The tofu cuapao is my new favorite. The pancit was good, I suppose. My niece had several servings!