Sunday, January 29, 2012

No Name

The restaurant near Rockwell and Metroclub is more known by the name, No Name but its business name is You Jie Xiao Chao.  It is just a hole in the wall but they serve very good and simple Chinese food.  Not the usual Cantonese fare, a bit different.  Most of the dishes were spicy but we just got the mild ones or not spicy at all.

PD invited me for dinner after her Saturday Beading Class.  She ordered mostly vegetables for us, a change from our carnivore fare although the vegetarian dishes were not low fat but I have to give her A for effort.

My favorite was the Steamed Fish Head!!!!

It was not spicy at all and I loved all the jelly like bits and parts of the head!  It came on a very big platter, we had half a head each!!!  I missed my mom for an instant last night because she would have loved the fish head.

I ordered the tofu soup with pechay.

We had the dumplings!

I loved it also but I think it has bits of pork in it so I cannot order it again if I am aiming for a vegan meal..

The fried green beans was good but not healthy because I think it was deep fried??  But PD liked it.

She also ordered the Kuchay with Egg.

I just tried a forkful because I cannot have eggs.

PD also got the Sweet and Sour Pork.

It was an interesting dinner for me.  Not the usual suspects but I do not mind going back for the fish head even if I am not supposed to eat fish.  Celine would have loved it, maybe when she is my house guest we will eat there again and enjoy the yummy fish jelly like bits and pieces.