Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chinese Vegetable Soup

I was browsing the net for a tofu soup recipe when I came across  the vegetable soup recipe.

I used tofu squares, diced carrots, shitake mushrooms and frozen peas.  I also used my new Massel Vegetable Stock Powder which I bought in Rustans, Rockwell.

It was still too bland for my taste so I added soy sauce and black vinegar.  It was better!  Then I thought to myself, hey ... this tastes like  vegan Hot and Sour soup.  So.... next time... will try to experiment.

I had lunch at Panceteria San Jacinto and I ordered Fried Tofu and Chop Suey Chow Mien. 

I just asked the waiter to tell the cook not to include the meat and shrimps.

I bought a vegetable burger at a take out place in C-5 and after taking a bite, I did not swallow it and threw the patty in the trash can.  I gave Wriggly the whole wheat bun.  Vegan food gets bad reputation sometimes because there are some establishments which sell food that taste like cardboard.

Day 12!!!  I am half way through! Yes!  I can do this.

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