Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mayette's Ham

Thank you, Mayette! Yesterday, my friend said they have a ham from the USA and I said, "Oh! That is what I have been looking for!" I don't know if they sell it here in Manila but most of the ham I am able to buy are either Chinese style which is salty... or deli ham which is kind of bland for me or the frozen ham in the supermarket which I just use for cooking.

I remember the best ham I have ever tasted was the homemade ham of Tito Augusto, the late Dad of my friend Jing. It was even bigger than my thighs! Hahaha And mine are kinda big! I wish back then I asked him to teach me. Never have I tasted ham so succulent and moist and really nice color of pink. The next best ham for me was the Baked Virginia ham (from the US but baked here in Manila) given to Tita Portia by the owner of one of the hotels here in Manila.

Last night, I met with Mayette in Rockwell and she gave me ham!!!! As soon as I woke up today I already assembled my sandwich for lunch. I spread softened butter on one side of each bread. I used my special Golden Churn butter.... Then put lettuce on each face... layered 100 grams of the ham on one side (I still have 100 grams left for another sandwich), then on the other face, put sliced salad tomato on top of the lettuce and jellied cranberry sauce.

I really enjoyed my lunch!!!! I remember when I was young my sandwich only had 1 slice of ham, I didn't like it back then. But ever since my Tita Portia started making sandwiches for me.... I never realized that there has to be at least 100 grams of meat in the sandwich for it to be tasty! I don't like mayo in my sandwiches also, just butter. Sometimes if I don't have cranberry I drizzle the ham with honey.

I'm going to buy fresh bread in the grocery after I go to the gym(first day) in a while... haahaha I have been stalling since I woke up but I'm going soon.... and will make another sandwich later!!! Yes!!!! I think it is wrong.. my motivation to go to the gym today is: afterwards I can have another sandwich!!! That's Lia for you.


  1. have you tasted Honey Baked Ham yet?

  2. Hi Bam,

    Where can I get Honey Baked Ham?

  3. Hi Bam,

    According to Mayette, the ham she gave me was Honey Baked Ham from the US.

  4. Hi Lia,
    It's Betsie. Honeybaked is a national chain in the US, I believe. I used to eat that before I turned back to vegetarianism. :-). It was introduced to me in a Noche Buena a long time ago. A bit expensive but worth the beaucoup buck.

  5. Betsie... Yun nga daw nakalagay s packaging, honey baked ham