Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Longganisa Rice

There was a mini HS class reunion here in my house a few weeks ago. One of my classmates, Cher, brought longganisa rice and it was so good! I have been dreaming about it eversince.... really... literally. I asked for the recipe and her sister, Lia, shared it with me.

Thank you, Lia! hehehe she's another Lia.

There is a similar rice dish in Dulcinea which I also love called Chorizo rice. It is not in the menu but they will make if you order. I have always wondered how it's done. But now... with my new knowledge... I can experiment one of these days.

Longganisa Rice shared by Lia Enrile Espiritu

3 C. day old rice

olive oil

1-2 T. atsuete seeds

white onion, chopped

garlic, chopped

4 pcs. Nueva Ecija Garlic Longganisa (SM Makati)

toasted chopped garlic

Heat olive oil in a wok, add atsuete seeds. When the oil turns orange, remove seeds.

Saute chopped onion until transluscent, add garlic.

Remove casing of the longganisa then add to the onion-garlic.

When the meat is darker in color and a bit toasted, push to one side of the wok and brown 1 head of chopped garlic.

Add the rice and continue cooking for a few more minutes.

I garnished the longganisa rice with white onions cut into rings just like the way they do it in Dulcinea. Plus... I'm more of an onion person rather than a garlic person. Hahahahaha I just hope I don't smell like one! Cher said it is best eaten with Pako salad with red eggs and white cheese. I was not able to buy the ingredients because they didn't have pako leaves in Rustan's. But will definitely try it next time.

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