Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quick Fix for my Sashimi Craving

When I change my cravings from one food to another, it doesn't mean I will not go back to my original craving. I won't be able to sleep, the feeling is like you are trying to remember the title of a movie you've seen with friend and can't recall. You won't be able to sleep until you remember! That is how my cravings feel like all the time.... hahahahaha or a pregnant woman who has to have her craving right this minute!!!!

I wanted to go to Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo, my favorite restaurant there is Kikufuji but it was so hot today, I've decided to just go to Rockwell instead since I had some errands to run also in the same mall.

The Maguro (tuna) sashimi was a good "quick fix"! I always tell the waiter I don't like the tuna to have those white lines because I can't swallow them. Actually, those are the end and cheaper cuts of the fish. I also don't like the pale almost bloodless tuna sashimi. Whenever I have my uni (sea urchin) obsession, I go to Kikufuji or buy from the Japanese grocery near Sacred Heart Church in Dao St.

Shout out to Celina: I miss my uni partner!!!!

Shout out to Jing: I miss my Kikufiji partner in crime!!!

Tuesday's lunch set at Zaifu was Mix Tempura. It just had one piece each of the ff.: prawn, kisu fish, eggplant and sweet potato. Served with rice, mixed sauteed vegetables and miso soup.

I was enjoying my lunch when this bad habit of mine bit me in the arse again hahahaha I always look at my neighbor's table and see what else I can order .... Lo and behold! What did I see????? Tofu Steak with spicy meat sauce!

I can safely say my Sashimi craving has been satisfied. I felt so full the whole day I only had a ham, cheese, tomato and cucumber baguette sandwich for dinner! Ohhh and my neighbor upstairs, Tita Portia, sent me 2 scoops of Mango ice cream.

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