Sunday, May 2, 2010

Strawberries and Cream Pancake

MMMMMMmmmmmmm yuuuuuuuuummm! Hahahaha sometimes I'm so embarrassed because I'm the first one to say YUM to my own cooking. I woke up late as usual and I couldn't wait anymore to defrost food from the freezer. I opened my pantry and saw the little box of Maya Hotcake mix. I always buy the small one because the regular sized box is too much for me, while the smallest box makes 3 pancakes, 2 for me and 1 for Wriggly.

I used my hand held mixer to beat the eggs for 25 seconds, then followed the recipe at the back of the box but I added 1 T. water because I like my pancake light and fluffy, not heavy and dense. I wiped oil on my nonstick frying pan and ladled 1/3 cup of the batter over low heat. When lots of bubbles appeared, I turned the pancake over, cooked for 1 minute and transferred it to a plate.

There was left over all purpose cream in the fridge, about half a cup... used the highest speed of the mixer, added 2T. SIFTED powdered sugar.

Next step was to spread butter on the hot pancakes, scattered sliced strawberries on top and dolloped several spoonful of cream. Then drizzled with Log Cabin pancake syrup. I don't like Aunt Jemima or the local brands... too sweet. Sometimes I would just use honey and butter.

Mmmmmmmmmmm yuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!!!!

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