Monday, May 17, 2010

Girls Day Out

I think I have to admit even if I don't want to, that I love to eat. In the vernacular ... "Matakaw". Today was a Girls day out for my family... I was with Tita Portia, Ate Gina and my niece, Gilly. So... 3 adults and 1 child. And we ordered all of these in Kirin, Bonifacio High Street!

Since we were only "4-1" (my niece just ate shrimp wanton noodle soup and siomai) and we couldn't possibly finish a whole Peking duck, we just ordered half a duck and got 2 plates of duck wrapped in pancake with hoisin sauce, cucumber, leeks and carrots.

I read in one of the magazines, I can't remember which one, that the rice roll with shrimps was very good. Yes, the magazine was correct. For Philippine standards, it was all right.

The Shrimp Hakao did not disappoint us. They make the dimsum as you order and not kept on a steamer all day long. So the wrapper was not mushy and did not fall apart.

Spicy Chili Szechuan Chicken was .... SPICY!!! hahahaha It had more chili than chicken. But a better alternative than the fried spicy spareribs if one is health conscious. Lesser of two evils!

I never eat at Kirin without ordering the pork and shrimp siomai.

I don't know why we couldn't eat at a chinese resto without ordering Yang Chow Fried Rce.

I had to ask the head waiter to change our seafood noodles. The last time we ate there, I already called his attention that the Fried Noodle dish was swimming in sauce! Then they served again this time a "soupy" version. So when the dish came back, he said, the cook made us another one, with the right amount of sauce but I didn't take the picture anymore.

They used to serve soup in a cup, good for 1 serving ... but now they don't anymore, so we ordered the small serving of Hot and Sour soup.

All in all I could say... we had a good lunch! Hahahahaha I was so stuffed to the point when I got in the car, I had to unbutton the snap of my shorts and pull down the zipper!!!! Hahahaha Sorry ! TMI! (Too much information!)


  1. I love Shrimp Hargow (when pronounced in Chinese, becomes Hakao). :-) , as well as shrimp rice noodle/roll. Just be cautious when you call the cook's attention to the cooking. you don't want their spit on your food. (eewww!)

  2. Betsie! I kaw pala si BAM hahaha naku oo nga, notorious chefs re: spitting on food hahaha