Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mussels with Corn

I was on the phone with Mona last night.... we were talking about Libby's creamed corn when I suddenly said: WAIT! I have to talk to my helper before she sleeps! I told Hermie to buy me mussels in the market in the morning because I still have Japanese corn in the fridge! In my mind last night ... I was already imagining the corn soup I'm going to eat for lunch. I think that is why I'm always hungry. I think about food all the time ... and when I think about it ... I imagine how I will cook it and I can already taste (in my mind) the food!

The corn soup was perfect for my first meal of the day, it was light but with carbs and protein to give me energy for a few hours (before I get hungry again). It seems odd to eat breakfast food at lunchtime but there are times when I eat pancakes for dinner!

Fresh Corn Soup with Mussels

1/2 K. mussels

4 corn on a cob, shredded



4 C water or rice washing (hugas bigas)

dahon sili

salt and pepper


Saute garlic, onion and shredded corn. Add water, boil until kernels are tender. Add mussels and season the soup. When the mussles open add the sili leaves. Discard shells that did not open. Serve hot.

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  1. Looks good! I'm going to try this one time but I have to find organic corn. I don't want regular corn anymore. Most corn nowadays are GM - genetically modified.