Saturday, May 22, 2010


We need vegetables and fruits in our body. Good thing lately I've been craving for vegetables! I still have a hard time eating salads so I cook my vegetables in soup stock most of the time... or if not .. the usual sauteed veggies.

Tonight I had my favorite shabu shabu, although my Ate doesn't want me eating it most of the time because of the sodium content of the broth. I filled half of the plate with spinach, Taiwan pechay, Chinese cabbage, Japanese corn and carrots. Then I bought in SM Makati live suahe. I added 3 crab sticks from the freezer and 4 pieces of mushroom meatball which I bought in a grocery in Ongpin St. in Binondo the last time I was there. I also added a few strips of sukiyaki beef.

For my dipping sauce, I used a teaspoon of the barbecue sauce, Kikkoman soysauce, finely chopped garlic, calamansi and chopped spring onions.

I enjoyed myself while having dinner. I set up my 1 burner electic burner on top of my dining table, used my small shabu shabu pot, it's actually just a small stainless steel pot but I only use it for shabu shabu. I cook and ate leisurely while watching NCIS. Other people do not like the idea of cooking their own food, maybe they are too busy or they are really not into it. Whereas, I. Love. It!

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  1. Yum! I enjoyed a seafood hotpot in Milpitas a long time ago. Also good on winter nights. I imagine you must be sweating while enjoying your shabu shabu in Manila. :-) You always make me hungry. :-)