Monday, June 17, 2013

Unlimited Yum Cha at Jasmine, New World Hotel

I had my monthly lunch with my Senior friends, PD, Tita Josie, Tita Mita, Tita Butchie and Tita Tess.

We had the Unlimited Yum Cha at Jasmine, New World Hotel

Pork Dumpling, Shao Mai, crab roe

Shrimp Dumpling, "Har Gao"

Chicken Feet, black bean sauce

Chinese Spinach dumpling

Barbecued pork buns

Shredded radish puff

Seafood taro dumpling

Glutinous pork dumpling

Barbecued pork pastry

Wagyu beef mango roll, pan fried chicken bun, shrimp wanton, shrimp cheese spring roll.

Chocolate, peanuts, glutinous dumpling

We also ordered almond cream soup glutinous dumpling, deep fried sesame ball and steamed red dates cake.

I enjoyed the dim sum at Jasmine. PD prefers Lili's but the rest of the group liked the food. I am going back with my friends and so is Tita Tess with her relatives.

Lili's is great but a bit far from Makati so if you have a yen for yum cha and do not want to go all the way to Manila, Jasmine would hit the spot.








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