Friday, June 7, 2013

Can't Get Enough of my Homemade Mayo

I made Mayonaise yesterday using 2 egg yolks but my Kuya said it was not as creamy as the one my Mom used to make.

Today.... I used 4 egg yolks! The taste and consistency improved. I bet if I use 6 eggs for a cup of corn oil, it would be more divine and heavenly.... Meaning.... You will go straight to heaven after indulging in my deadly, cholesterol laden homemade mayo!

My wrist hurts now because I did not use the mixer, just my hand but it is so worth it.

My Mom's favorite was shrimp sandwich with sliced pickle chips. It is also my Kuya's favorite so I made him a couple of sandwiches and just 1 for me with lettuce and tomato slices.

It was a little difficult to eat because it had too much filling! But ohhhhh boy.... I loved it!

I invited Mayette and Jon for a late evening snack.

I assemble 2 kinds of club sandwiches for them....

1.) Bacon, lettuce and tomato with chicken salad filling.

2.) Forest Ham, cheese, guava jelly and butter with chicken salad filling also.

Mayette could not stop eating my mayo! I am very happy she really liked it.

I am going to make again tomorrow if I am not lazy and I am planning to use 6 egg yolks for a cup of corn oil!




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