Friday, June 7, 2013

Aileen's Sweet and Chili Crabs

This is my first time to cook Sweet and Chili Crabs. My usual crab dish is just plain old steamed or Chili Szechuan Crabs.

My neighbor and fellow KST Facilitator, Aileen Dionisio, shared her recipe with me. It was sooooo easy to cook! And she also taught me how to clean the crabs without injuring my fingers!

One time, while I was brushing the live crab, the claw got hold of my finger and it did not want to let go! My scream could be heard from EDSA!

The secret is........ Freeze the crabs .... Then.... Remove the "restraints" and you can hold the crab while cleaning it.

Aileen's Sweet and Chili Crabs

4 pcs. Live "bakla" crab, cut into half

1/2 C. Magnolia Gold Butter

1 head garlic, chopped


1 bottle Jufran Sweet Chili Sauce

Melt the butter in a big wok.

Add the garlic, sauté until light brown.

Add the crabs .... Toss and turn the crabs until half cooked.

Pour the Jufran Sweet Chili Sauce and continue tossing and turning the crabs until the shell is bright orange and crabs are thoroughly cooked. Season with salt.

You could stop at this point.... But Lia being Lia..... Who is a diabetic wanted the sauce sweeter!

So I added a few ingredients after pouring the Jufran sauce.

1 T. Kikoman soy sauce

1 T. Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce

1 T. Lee Kum Kee chili garlic sauce

1/4 C. white sugar

Leeks for garnish.

As soon as I started eating,I sent a text message to Aileen to tell her, it was so delicious and " finger lickin' good)! Hahahaha I licked the sauce from the shell, from the legs.... from my fingers! I ate all of it! I did not share with my neighbors!

I should have eaten it with steamed mantou bread so I could have dipped it in the sauce made of butter and "aligue"!!!!

Thank you, Aileen for sharing your recipe!


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