Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Soy Sauce

I was confused by something Dr. Davis wrote ... in his Wheat Belly Book, he said,  I can consume soy sauce in unlimited quantities ... but in another chapter, soy sauce falls under the list with wheat in it.

I asked Dr. Davis to clarify and he said:

Look for gluten-free soy sauce or tamari, Lia. Avoid the appetite-stimulation of the wheat in soy sauce.

I am now communicating with him through his blog:

Eliminating wheat from your diet helps alleviate some of the symptoms and maladies one has been suffering from for quite a while.

There are a few examples I can share .....

I have this dry patch of skin on the back of both arms near my elbows... I noticed, they are beginning to clear up!  Not totally, but it is getting there!

* A side-effect of being wheat free is the disappearance of curious rashes.

Another is.... symptoms of bipolar disoder, anxiety, PMS, bloating and depression will also be gone!

This one I can personally attest to and say it worked for me.  I normally suffer a wave of depression on the last week of every month.  And no, it is not PMS.  What day is it already?!?!?!  I have not had my crying jags nor this DO NOT DISTURB ME  feelings!!!  Maybe this is premature or I am still in my wheat-free adrenalin high .... but this is something to consider.  I will have to find out next month if I will feel depressed again.

I called up the friends of my Mom last night to tell them that if they eliminate wheat from their diet, their arthritic inflammation will be gone too!!!  Auntie Pat is so excited to buy the Wheat Belly book and try the wheat - free lifestyle very soon.  She wants to be able to tell her friends that it works!!!  Autnie Alice said she will also try to go wheat-free.

If I knew then what I know now, maybe my Mom would have had a better quality of life, she suffered arthritis most of her senior life.  This is probably the time to say ..... if I could just go back in time .....

I read from the testimonials in the blog of Dr. Davis that some of the seniors already threw their walking canes away after being wheat free!!!

I do not want to shove down my beliefs in other peoples throat but I just hope and pray that more will check out the wheat-free lifestyle and give it a chance.

As Dr. Davis would say .... if you eliminate wheat, what have you got to lose?  Definitely not any nutritional value but you will probably  lose weight , chronic diseases and other pains you have been experiencing in the past.

My FBS this morning was 122, higher than yesterday but my 14 and 30 day average is 126!!!!  That is good... well for me it is an improvement from my previous averages.

Food Diary:


2 hard-boiled eggs with a pat of butter, salt and pepper


1/2 C. brown rice
Sinigang Pork Spareribs (L/O from yesterday)


handful of peanuts
2 slices roast pork

1/2 C. brown rice
Chicken Adobo (L/O)
Sayote  (L/O)

 L/O = leftover

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