Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happier at 110!

I am happier now at 110!  My FBS this morning was only 110!!!  I am very near my goal, which is 100!

And..... to think I even ate Peking Duck yesterday to my heart's content!  To top it all.... I lost 6 lbs. since Monday!

What's not to be happy about?  So, now do you believe my new doctor, Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly?

My family and I had our usual Saturday lunch.  I bought the McCormick Korean Fried Chicken  - Soy Garlic Recipe Mix..

It actually tastes better than Bon Chon Chicken.

So easy to cook, just follow the instructions.

I was able to buy several packs from Landmark.

Bulalo soup of Gilly

I did not use Magic Sarap nor  MSG nor any other artificial flavoring except for rock salt and patis. It was not that flavorful of course but I wanted to use natural ingredients only.

I also cooked Ginataang Langka!

I loved it!!! Sooooooo delicious in my opinion and soooo easy to make!  I have a basic ginataan recipe which is the Bicol Express and just use any vegetable I like.

Ginataang Langka

1/2 K. unripe jackfruit
120 g. pork liempo, cut into small cubes
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 onion, sliced
2 T. raw bagoong
2 C. coconut milk, 2nd extraction
salt to taste
Shrimps or crabs
coconut cream, 1st extraction
chili peppers

Boil the coconut milk (2nd extraction), garlic, onions, bagoong and pork in a pot for 30 minutes.

Add the jackfruit and cook until tender.

Season with salt.

You may now add the shrimps or crabs.  When cooked, add the chili peppers and coconut cream. Let it boil until the sauce thickens, about 2-3 minutes.

Hermie cooked Minatamis na Kamote, the favorite dessert of Butch and PD.

I really hope that  my FBS gets lower everyday.  My doctor ... hahahaha... my real doctor... will be amazed for sure!!!! If this Wheat Belly diet works for me, I think I will be able to sustain it.

Food diary:


Leftover minced duck with lettuce


2 T. rice
vegetables and meat from the Bulalo Soup
Ginataang Langka


4 halves (smaller part) of Korean Fried Chicken in Soy Garlic Sauce  (BAD - because of the coating mix and the chicken was deep-fried)


2 pcs. DECs sharkfins sio mai
leftover ginataang langka
filling of 1 fresh vegetable lumpia

Dear God... I hope I get a good FBS reading tomorrow.