Thursday, June 28, 2012

Campaign for a Healthier Life

I know I said I will not force my beliefs on other people but I plan to launch a campaign to tell people about the Wheat-free lifestyle.  Some may be skeptical, others doubtful but there are a few who are open to try anything new to alleviate their pain and symptoms.  I will start with them.

I was in Rustans Rockwell this evening and I saw  Malou, one of the supervisors, and told her my FBS the other day 97!  She is also diabetic, would scold me at times when she sees me at the counter eating a bar of ice cream or when I would walk by the customer service with a Sabrett Hotdog sandwich in hand.  She was shocked and asked me how did it happen?

I told her, I just eliminated wheat from my life and it was so easy as 1-2-3.  I also told her I would give her a list of the food she can eat and cannot eat.  If she tries it for at least a  week ... then I know I am helping someone get better.  My desktop is not working at the moment and cannot print the list but I would gladly write it manually for her, if I have to.

Hey!!!  Maybe I already found a calling or purpose of life!!!

I know it is hard to tell people that the Sky is not  blue but it is actually green.  People will want proof and I hope and aim to make myself a living testament.  YIKESSSS!!!!  Pressure!!!!  Hahahahahahaha!

We have been told by dieticians, doctors, teachers, gym instructors and a whole lot more of people that eating healthy whole wheat/grain food is good for us.  This is actually NOT true!!!  According to Dr. Davis, the worlds most popular grain is also the worlds most destructive dietary ingredient.  He has explained in his book why and can back it up with studies and tons of research but it is too technical.  I could go into details but......   Little by little I will just have to explain it in laymans term as best as I could.

(FYI the apostrophe key of my laptop has not been working for a long time now... grrrrr.)

My FBS this morning was 119, lower than yesterdays reading.  I still want it to be 90.... and be pegged at 90!  It is hard work ... well on my self control.... I really do love Purefoods Tender Juicy hotdogs, I love Cheetos Jalapeno.... Pancit and a whole lot more.  But I am willing to trade them off for a better quality of life.

I was still wheat free today but my lunch was a little high in fat because I ate fried chicken and fried rice!!!  BAD!!!!

Ohhhhh you know what I have not had in years?!!?!  As in,  since year 2000?  I have not had whole milk!    Until tonight! It was sooooo good!!! I love milk! And Dr. Davis said not the low-fat, skim or non-fat milk.  The less processed, the better.

I hope it will not make my sugar go up tomorrow.  Let us wait and see.

Food Diary:


2 scrambled eggs


Fried Chicken (not battered)
Fried Rice

Eggplant Relleno


200 ml. fresh whole milk


  1. maybe in time i will do your diet. i guess im not yet ready to give up all the junk foods, softdrinks, pastas, pizzas and all.

  2. Oh please share your list of food that is good to eat and the not so good ones. Please. Thanks


  3. Hi Lizzi,

    Check out my next post:

    I wrote down a list of what kind of food you can eat.