Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Belly Good!

Belly Good!  My nephew, Renzo, cannot say VERY GOOD yet... so instead.... he says....

Belly Good!  My FBS this morning was indeed, Belly Good!  As a matter of fact, it was belly, belly good!


Amazing!!!  I have not had that reading in more than 5-6 years! I cannot recall the time that my FBS went down below 100!!!

I really have to give credit to this Wheat Free lifestyle.  What else could have caused it to go down at a normal range???

If I were to go to Doctor Wassmer today, she will not be excited and say it is just a fluke.  She will believe me if I am able to maintain it below 100 for a period of time.

That is my goal.

I cooked the recipe of Mayette for adobo today.  I made a mistake!!!!!  I did not add Knorr Seasoning like I used to because it contains MSG but I added Kikkoman soy sauce instead.  After adding the soy sauce, I read on the label that it contains WHEAT!!!!!

Arggghhhhh!!!  I should have just stuck with the original recipe which just uses salt and not soy sauce nor Knorr.  But I am still in the weaning stage so I guess it is still ok, I  will not do it again.  Oh no! I love soy sauce!!!   Plus in the list, Dr. Davis said I can consume in unlimited quantities.  I will have to clarify this with him.
Old-fashioned Adobo by Mayette (do not use soy sauce or Knorr seasoning if  you want wheat-free).

I was trying to cook Ginisang Sayote but it turned out into Sayote Soup!

Haahahahaha! But it was good just the same.  Really delicious if you ask me.

Even if I am not going to eat it, I cooked Chicken in Mirinda for PD and Sophie.

It is their most favorite dish in the world!

I cooked Pork Spareribs Sinigang tonight.  I am so proud of myself,  I can now cook without using the Sinigang mix or any other artificial flavorings.

Pork Spareribs Sinigang

1/2 K. pork spareribs cut into 2-inch pieces
3 C. water
3 pcs. tomatoes, sliced
250 gr. tamarind pods
1 C. water
1 t. rock salt
1 T. fish sauce
1 t. sugar
radish, sliced
eggplant, sliced
string beans, cut into 3 inch lengths
kangkong leaves
jalapeno pepper

Tenderize the ribs in the pressure cooker with 3 cups water for 30 minutes.

Add onions and tomatoes.

Season with salt, fish sauce and sugar.

Boil the tamarind pods until the water (about 1 C.) almost evaporates and tamarind pulpy.  Mash the tamarind, add 1 C. water and strain.  Add to the soup pot.

Drop the radish into the soup and cook until almost tender, then add the eggplant slices.

When the vegetables are crisp tender add the stringbeans, cook for a minute, then add the kang kong and chili pepper.  Cover and continue cooking for another minute.

Serve with kalamansi and fish sauce.

Food Diary:


2 - egg Hot and Spicy Tuna Omelette


Chicken Adobo
Sayote Soup
1/2 C. brown rice


handful of nuts


Pork Spareribs Sinigang
1/2 C. brown rice

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