Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What did I do right?

What did I do right? I woke up this morning, got my blood sugar reading and it was only 109!!!! My lowest in years!!!!  I do not know how it happened but I must continue whatever I did! Yesterday, it was 157 and the previous day, 163!!!

Maybe.... I am stress free because I just came from Boracay?  With all the swimming and walking I did there?

Maybe...  because I have been taking the Bee Propolis Corry gave me from Ilog Maria? It is an immune booster which I take every morning when I wake up with a glass of water.

Maybe... because I only ate about half a cup of rice everyday since this weekend?

I ate vegetables and fish for dinner last night... and the other night, was too lazy to cook, I only had half a bag of Chee-tos and Coke light!

I wonder, what did I do right?

I made Crispy Catfish Salad tonight. 

1/2. K Catfish
1 green mango, shredded
2 T. Thai fish sauce
2 T. brown sugar
juice of 1 lime
1 red chili, chopped coarsely
50 g. roasted cashew, chopped
sliced shallots

Steam the catfish, cool, remove the skin, debone and flake.  Deep fry in batches.  Drain on paper towel.

Combine fish sauce, brown sugar and lime juice.  Add the red chili.

Put the shredded green mangoes on a serving plate, top with crunchy catfish, sprinkle cashew nuts and shallots then drizzle dressing over it.

I had left over hito and green mango from our Kare-Kare dinner the other night with Jing and the Avancenas.

Hermie cooked Monggo Soup for me.

This afternoon, I made Hamburger sandwiches for Sophie and for myself. 

Sophie said it was one of the best burgers she has eaten!!! 

Hamburger Patties (American Cookbook)

450 gr. ground beef
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
2 T. chopped onions

Mix all the ingredients and form into 4 patties. 

I only had half a bun because I could not finish the whole sandwich! 

Hahahahaha! It is so mysterious.... I cannot finish my food, I shared the top bun with Wriggly.

Hopefully, tomorrow ... I have better blood sugar reading!!!!

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