Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sugar and Carbs Confession

My FBS this morning was 243!

"Lia! What have you been eating these past few days?!"

That's my alter ego screaming at me. Her name is Marsha. Once in a while she surfaces from the bottomless pit where she resides. Jing, Celina and Mariger know (of) her.

I have not eaten bread, pasta nor rice but I have been eating carbs in other forms.

Plus .... did I mention the sugar overload?

My food craving du jour is Cheong Fun.

I tried the Vermicelli with Asado from Tim Ho Wan.

I wonder what happened to their Sio mai????

It became so small!

The chili bean sauce is my fave at Tim Ho Wan.

Today's lunch was in Chinatown.

The first stop .... (Yes, first) was at Ying Ying's Tea House.

Guess what I ordered?

Shrimp Cheong Fun. Not so much shrimps, though.

Sio Mai

Taro Puff

The second stop was at Wai Ying.

I just ordered Asado Cheong Fun

And Milk Tea.

My favorite waitress asked me, "Ma'am, diet po?" Hahahaha! She knows I always order a lot even if I am alone.

How did I find space in my stomach?

After my first restaurant, I walked around and checked out the Chinese groceries.

I was able to buy Dried Chilies and a bottle of yellow beans.

While walking along the streets, I bought French Beans and Patola.

Another craving I had to satisfy was Sweet Ecstasy's Milk Shake.

Chocolate Malt - emergency run to Mercury Jupiter but took a side trip with Tricia to Sweet Ecstasy.

Plain Chocolate, had to have my fix. My last day to indulge.

What is the difference Between the 2 milkshakes?

The one with the malt was way too sweet!

Ohhh and the other day in Greenbelt, I just had to have a scoop of my favorite Black Cherry ice cream from Gelatone!

It tasted like Benadryl! I loved it!

Hahahahahaha please don't cringe and say, Eeeewwww! I really love it.

Aside from those sugar and carb laden food.....

I ate different kinds of Kakanin!

Eileen, Dodai, Alex - her husband, and I went to Salcedo Market for breakfast yesterday!

I ate Ilocos Empanada


And Eileen shared her Bibingka with me.

And last night, my travel buddies and I had a meeting for our upcoming adventure!

They asked me to buy food from Salcedo Market for them.

Sapin Sapin, Kuchinta and Tamales.

Inihaw na Bangus

I asked Cristina to buy Lechon Manok.

Mona cooked the Palitaw.

I just cooked the Ginataang Mais and Mixed Vegetables.

Hermie fried the Bangus Tinapa.

Dra. Cristina also brought Puto flan from one of her patients.

Then Eileen and Dodai had dessert and coffee with us after the Alumni Homecoming!

We could not attend because of our meeting.

We just heard mass and had our picture taken with our Elementary and High School teachers!

Everybody enjoyed looking at our old photographs.

So now..... After indulging in all those sugar and carb sins...

I vow not to eat food high in carbs and sugar anymore.

I have to lower my FBS before I go on a holiday where food is served 24 hours a day!

I am not removing chocolates from my life but will limit my intake. I also do not plan to give away my stash.

Soooo no more Cheong fun!

No more milkshakes!

No more Kakanin!

No more Siomai with wrapper!

Ok.... My confession ends here.







  1. Aloha Lia! Long-time reader, but have been lurking. I found your food blog because I'm also diabetic and am half-Pinay (mom is Cebuana) who looooves food, specifically dimsum.

    My doctor told me that there is a correlation between MSG and higher glucose numbers :( All the while I've been saying no to rice, but "dieting" on dimsum! health coach advised me to have a green juice or smoothie for 1-2 meals and eat normally (with moderation!) after that. It helped a lot; my FBS and PPBS have gone down 60 + points and now my A1C levels are close to being in the normal range. Working in (ie: the fun kind of exercise) also helped a lot!

    Anyhoo...keep writing your enjoyable posts! Your recipes help keep my mom from being homesick.

    PS Have you eaten at Sunburst Fried Chicken in Cebu? You don't have a recipe for something like that, do you? ;)

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading my blog!
      Yes! I tried Sunburst Fried Chicken but I don't think I have a copycat recipe of it.
      Please tell your Mom I am glad my posts lessen her homesickness.