Saturday, January 17, 2015

Instant Adventure

The Batgirls and the Junkies had an instant adventure yesterday!

The adventure started with a photo I posted in FB with a caption: A beautiful morning from the hills of Alabang!

Then Shey texted that she wants to come and visit also. We already planned to teach her how to make....

Kalabasa Soup

And Gambas

Which was not spicy so her kids can eat it.

Then we invited Cat!

And then..... Mayette called and said she and Jon were joining us for lunch as well.

When Mariger learned about it.... Of course, she said, "I'm coming over!"

Full house!

Mona cooked my favorite Sotanghon

We bought roast chicken

I cooked the Kangkong Shey brought because I do not eat rice.

Tita Cena was able to buy baby Pusit.

Adobong Pusit

After lunch, we went to Magnum Opus in BF for coffee and dessert.

My chilled Belgian Chocolate drink.

The rest had chilled Heartbreaker.... Belgian hot chocolate with 2 shots of espresso.

Hot Heartbreaker

And something called "White".


Flourless lemon dessert

I could not take my eyes off from the sandwich of the boy at the next table... So we ordered one to try...

Monte Cristo... White french toast, with ham, Swiss cheese and cherry jam.

Oh look at the stringy cheese!

I tried a little of the filling.

With all the talk of food that we were craving for, we ended up going to Tagaytay for dinner!

We asked Shey and Cat if they wanted to join us for a road trip and Bulalo soup at Mahogany market.

They willingly said, Yes!

Hahahaha Hope they enjoyed the kind of food adventure we Batgirls normally love!

We ordered Bulalo soup with EXTRA marrow.

Crispy Shrimps

And Crispy Tawilis.

Would you believe the traffic in Tagaytay was so heavy! We killed time at Starbucks.

We stayed at the roof deck and it was CHILLY!!!! But I loved it just the same. Everybody had hot drinks while I asked for a mug of iced water!

We got back to Mona's house at 1 in the morning. Jon and Mayette brought home the Junkies in Bel-Air.

Sometimes it is better when we do not plan and just do spur of the moment activites!

What an instant adventure!!!!




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