Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dodai at The Batcave

My childhood friend, Dodai, is home!!!!

I have not seen her in almost 30 years!

And yet..... It was as though the last time we talked to each other was just yesterday.

Eileen sent me a message last week that she was going to bring a surprise to my house but I was out. I told her to leave the "surprise" with Hermie.

But then she said it would be better if I am home.

She texted me again today if she can drop by the house after lunch, so I said, OK!

I came from the supermarket and bought ingredients for cookies that I was going to serve to Eileen.

I started baking already when I suddenly remembered that Dodai messaged me a few weeks ago to ask for Eileen's address. I put two and two together.

Then it suddenly dawned on me: Dodai is my surprise!

Lo and Behold! Eileen brought my surprise to the house!

I cannot explain how happy I am to see my childhood friend again.

I remember when I was in Gradeschool, during lunch break, we all had gate passes because we live near the school.

Do you know that I would tag along and just go to their house and eat lunch!?!?

I do not think I ever asked permission if I could go home with them.

My usual "victims" were Mia, Josephine, Eileen and Dodai!

I am so glad you are back home, Dodai! Even if it is just for a few years!

And I also love the fact that we live in the same Barangay!

Thank you, Dodai for the cupcakes!

I shared it with my niece and nephew but I ate the icing of one of the cupcakes!

Thank you, Eileen for my wonderful surprise!



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