Monday, January 19, 2015

Nam Prik Ong Step by Step Guide

Nam Prik Ong is a spicy pork and tomato dip which originated from Northern Thailand.

When Tita Jit visited us, she brought some from Bangkok and ever since, Tricia and I have been experimenting. First time was under the online guidance of Tita Jit.

Finally! After so many trial and error, I can now write a post about it and share the recipe.

Nam Prik Ong

250 g. Ground pork

1/4 C. Water

4 cloves garlic

4-6 pcs. Shallots

4 roots of wansuy

1/2 t. White pepper or peppercorn

3 pcs. Dried Thai Chile with stem (available in Salcedo Weekend Market)

1 t. Thai shrimp paste

1 T. Cooking oil

10 pcs. Ripe cherry tomatoes or 5 ripe tomatoes

1/4 C. Palm sugar (available in Landmark supermarket)

1 t. Tamarind paste

1 T. Tiparos Thai fish sauce

1 t. MSG

Wansuy leaves

Spring onions, chopped

Saute the pork in water until 70 percent cooked.

Set aside.

Dry fry the chile for 5 minutes then soak in warm water for 30 minutes.

Pound using a mortar and pestle the drained chile, garlic, shallots, wansuy roots and shrimp paste.

It should look like this.

Heat the cooking oil in a pan and add the chili paste.(Low heat)

When fragrant, add the chopped tomatoes.

Cook over low heat until the tomatoes are soft.

Add the ground pork.

Continue cooking until the tomatoes have almost disintegrated.

Season with tamarind paste, thai fish sauce, Palm sugar and msg.

Cook until the sauce almost dries up.

Let it cool and drain the excess oil.

Garnish with wansuy and spring onions.

Serve in a bowl on a bed of lettuce with sliced cucumber.




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