Friday, January 9, 2015

Pinky's 2015 Homecoming

Welcome home, Pinky!

We've been waiting for you for months!

As promised, Mona cooked your favorite Daing Na Bangus!

Mona's version is even better than LZM's IMO.

Since Pinky is following a healthy eating lifestyle, I cooked Fresh Lumpiang Ubod!

I only cook it once in a while because it is hard to make the wrapper.

Kare Kare with Vegetables

Mona also cooked Palitaw.

Lechon Sinigang - I forgot to take a picture because I was busy with the pasalubong from Pinky!

She also gave us Turkish Delight.

Lots of soda and ice from Eileen!

Everybody enjoyed our dinner.

They asked me and Mona to cook and they just shared with the food expenses.

Another happy night.

Happy Tummy.

Happy bunch of friends.

Extremely happy Lia because of the chocolates!

So nice to see you again, Pinky!




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