Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lunch at Cath's For Pinky

Catherine hosted a lunch for Pinky yesterday. She also invited Ana, Sarita and Michelle.

She cooked Filipino food for our balik-alis bayan friend.

Beef Shortribs Sinigang cooked in Watermelon

Vegetables of the Sinigang

Beef Tapa from Farmer's

Suahe Hilabos - So SWEET!!!

Daing Na Bangus, Pinky's favorite.

We were munching on air-fried oyster mushrooms!

Wow! What a low carb (I think?) alternative to chips!

Mango Salsa with Lime Tortilla Chips.

Salty Tamarind from Bangkok which tastes like Haw Flakes!

Very cute and adorable, Ching Ling!!!!!

Thank you, Cath for the delicious lunch!

I want to eat again in your house!!!!


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