Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cheat Day!

I posted in FB a picture of the burger Lisa ate at the Larelton Diner in Long Island.

I got so green with envy!

Then Shey made a comment: Cheat day! Cheat day! Cheat day! Cheat day!

And after that.... My day spiraled out of control! I gave in to temptation!

I had the Angus burger at Burger King!

I also had 2 pcs. of Cobbler at Chuck's Grub in Rockwell!

I have been cheating occasionally since I started my diet last January 12.

I had a whole pizza at Lotsa Pizza!

I love the "3m" style pizza! Hahahaha with spiced ham and cheddar cheese!!! That is one of my guilty pleasures! I do not like the Italian kind of pizza, just like my taste in spaghetti, I only like my Children's Sweet Style Spaghetti.

I also ate the mini chicken and mushroom pie of DEC!

I went to Adelina's ham to buy ham for my camaron and I also bought pan de sal.

Tricia tried a Lengua de Gato recipe from

Tricia did the slow process of mixing all the ingredients.

Cat was our "piper".

And... Wriggly and I were the "oven watcher"!

It took us about 2 and a half hours to bake 4 platefuls of Lengua de Gato!

I especially love the dark toasted ones!

I am going to have a blood test tomorrow. I know I am going to fail!!!!

But my goal is to have a better blood sugar results in 3 months time.

Hmmmm... It sounds soooooo familiar!

As always.... I need to pray hard so I do not get tempted to eat food which are not good for me!

Cheat Day! Cheat day! Cheat day! Cheat day!

Shey!!!! I can still hear you chanting!!!!




  1. Is 3M pizza the one in las piñas? I had that before and it was good. Wow lengua de gato... Yum!!!

    1. I was able to eat 3 M pizza years ago at Shopwise Alabang. Lotsa Pizza is next best option.