Friday, December 6, 2013


I have a new playmate, her name is Santina!

She is so cute! I have been a long time fan. I would always "like" her pictures on FB whenever her Mom would post the photos or even videos.

Jopet invited us for lunch at El Chupacabra, Polaris cor Felipe Streets (well almost). She has been telling me about the restaurant since my birthday last August.

When I talked to her on the phone this morning, she said, she and Karen, Santina's mom, would pick me up at 12.

I panicked! I promised the little girl before, the next time I see her, would give her a lollipop! I do not have one at home! I figured, maybe she has forgotten about our "secret".

Lo and behold! As soon as I entered Jopet's car, Santina immediately reminded me about our "secret". Good thing I was able to buy her at Wang Mart, a nearby Korean grocery on Polaris St.


We ordered 3 kinds of Street Tacos with corn tortilla: Carnitas, Chicharrones en Salsa Verde and San Francisco-style Lean Sisig!

Ummmm... I was not paying attention which one was which!

They were all so good! I especially loved the mild and hot "hot sauce" together with the white sauce in the squirt bottle. I should have asked what was in it.

We also ordered Gringas - flour tortilla with steak.

For my new playmate, she had the chicken and pork BBQ.

I love the restaurant because it is walking distance from Bel-Air's gate. So convenient too! I was there the other night with Mona and Tricia, we ordered the nachos, chili and pork BBQ.

I want to go back and try the other street tacos.

Thanks Jopet for the "birthday" treat!

The Wriggly Chronicles

I bought Wriggly a new "pet".

Ever since I brought home Yolanda, he has been "clingy".

I hope he enjoys his new "playmate".



My new Thumb Brace!

My hand is feeling so much better now.


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