Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Taco Tuesday with Jing

The day started early for me because I had a doctor's appointment to show her the results of my blood test.

I failed!!!!!

My Hba1c went up to 8.70 from 7.20. I told Dr. Wassmer, I noticed the increase in FBS when I started my no carbs diet last November. She said, I should not totally eliminate a food group from my diet and that I was doing so well with my wheat-free lifestyle.

According to my doctor, my Hba1c goal should be 6.9 and not lower or else I will suffer from hypoglycemia. Imagine, I did not realize I was so close to my doctor prescribed goal!  Just .30 from my optimal sugar level!!!  I ALMOST reached it!  But fear not ..... I will work so hard to achieve  6.9.

I will concentrate again in doing wheat-free and re-read the book of Dr. Davis to inspire me.

But I did not fail in the cholesterol department!!!  You have seen how much saturated fat I have eaten in the past.  I sauteed most of my food in pork lard and ...... guess what my new score is?!?!?!?!

From 4.91 last September, it is now down to 4.86!!!!  Isn't it amazing?!?!?! What "no wheat" can do to your cholesterol level?!?!  I do not want to shove my beliefs in other people's throat but ..... it worked for me with no medication.

Jing and I met at Makati Med and we had a quick lunch at Army Navy, Jupiter.

Today is "Taco Tuesday"!

We each got free iced tea with our orders of double tacos.

We also ordered Freedom Fries!

My favorite! I won't be able to eat it anymore when I go back to strict wheat-free because of the flour coating.

We went to Wang Mart on Polaris St. after lunch. We bought several kinds of ice cream.

I got the "berry mix" chocolate coated ice cream bar.

Mawi a.k.a Jing and I also had a hair cut. A picture of the back view of my new hairstyle.

They taught me how to position the velcro curlers. If I want to have nice hair as soon as I wake up, I have to sleep with hair curlers!!!  NOT going to happen.

Long day and it is not over yet. I went to Dr. Canlas for my allergy shots at Makati Med (again) and I am now at the clinic of my dentist waiting for my turn as of this writing, 5:00 p.m. I saved this day for all my medical and dental appointments.

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