Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quickie in Cebu

I went to Cebu for a Quickie yesterday with Celine.  We left at 7:35 in the morning and were back in Manila before midnight.  I have done this 3 times already this year. With the amount we spent, we could have gotten 1  Lechon each from Generals!!!!  But it feels so decadent to say, I am flying to Cebu to eat Lechon!

We had our breakfast at CnT across SM Cebu. 

When we got there, the only available part was the pigue, well .... no choice, we just got half a kilo and 1 puso (rice cooked inside woven leaves, I think?) each.

Then, midway into our breakfast, Celine,

who was facing the counter said:

Lia! They have a new Lechon!

I immediately got the rib part which is the best!  I did not fly all the way to Cebu to eat pigue!!!!!

I felt like I was viewing the newborn babies at the nursery of Makati Med

while watching the woman chop up the Lechon! Hahahahahaha.

I love the rib part because all the flavors are there!

Sooo yummm! Sooooo Salty!!!! Best dipped in the soy-vinegar sauce.

We crossed the big street  to get to SM Cebu and did all the cheesy picture taking. LOL We felt so brave because no one will recognize us.

Also at the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu.....

LOL. We just actually used the restroom at the hotel to freshen up.

I have always wanted to try the fried chicken at Sunburst

... but there was never any opportunity in my previous day trips. So, it was great I was able to find time and available space in my stomach.  I just ordered a small chicken thigh with coleslaw and fried potatoes.

Finally, I was able to taste it!!!

Their dipping sauces: UFC Ketchup,Old English Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce.

We transferred to Ayala Center for our late lunch.  It has been suggested we go to Casa Verde.

They have this HUGE - Humongous - Monstrous burger!!!!  The burger was as big as a plate!!!!

The Watermelon Salad was refreshing after eating Lechon and chicken.

According to some blogs, the ribs  should not be missed.  Again, HUGE serving!

Celina wanted to hear mass at the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino, the oldest church in Cebu.

I was glad we were able to go, the Church was quite impressive!

Dinner was at Zubochon, Mango Mall.

  I let Celine try the Kamias shake

... and the lechon.

The best pig ever! by Anthony Bourdain

We also ordered Pancit Sotanghon.

BudBud Kabog for dessert.

She bought a lot of pasalubongs, such as chicharon, chorizo and frozen Zubuchon Lechon.

Time flies so fast when you are having fun!    We went back to the airport to await our flight.  My night did not end yet, though. After checking in, I got my boarding pass, paid the terminal fee and went out of the airport to have a drink at the nearby Starbucks with a friend.

I love Cebu! After Boracay, it is my 2nd favorite destination.  I am glad that I will be coming back to Cebu next year!

TIME was really short ..... I just had a Quickie in Cebu!


  1. pagka lami ani uy...kumusta na ang cebu i miss it..


    1. Hi Missy! Cebu is still a wonderful place to explore all the dining possibilities. I miss the food in Cebu!