Monday, November 7, 2011

Merienda at The Legend Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant

Jing and I had a quick merienda at the Legend Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant, across the World Trade Center, Manila.  When I entered the place I saw the familiar face of the Manager of the now closed China Highland Palace at MOA, then he moved to HK Choi in Megamall, then moved back again to Moa - Emperor  restuarant then now at this place.

My friend and I just ordered dim sum and noodles since we just had lunch, I was on my way to Macapagal Seaside Market to buy crabs and prawns.

Fried Noodles with Assorted Meat

Pork Siomai with Crab Roe

Radish Cake


I liked their dim sum compared to other restaurants. You could not even take a bite because the little yum cha treats arrived piping hot to our table.  There were many Chinese families dining there, so it means it is a good place to eat! I will come back and try their other dishes.