Monday, November 14, 2011

Lunch at the Ancestral Home of Gen. Vicente Lim

My senior friends and I were invited today at the ancestral house of Gen. Vicente Lim.  He was the dad of Tita Butchie Lim Ayuyao, my senior friend I inherited from my Mom.  The National Historical Institute placed a marker near their main door.

Their house was like a museum with lots of antique stuff and memorabilla.  It transported me back to the time of Padre Damaso and Crisostomo Ibarra.

They  have an annex at the back but bit more modern.  They even have an elavator, much to my delight!!!

Elevator manong

In case nobody recalls Gen. Lim from our history classes, you can find him on the P1,000 peso note.

Tita Butchie prepared a simple but delicious lunch for us. Well .... their family cook, Clarita, who has been with them for a long time prepared it.  I prefer old fashioned cooking compared to the modern fusion which all the new chefs go crazy about.

We had our lunch at the verandah of the annex. 

It is so nice when there are so many trees and plants around the house.

The cook prepared Cream of Mushroom Soup from scratch.

I will try this one time, so easy to make. I got the recipe from Tita Butchie.

We had fresh salad with peanut dressing.

Baked macaroni with chunks of chicken liver, ham and sausages.

Roast Stuffed Chicken, Turkey style with Mushroom Gravy and Jellied Cranberry sauce.

 Dessert was a 16 egg yolk leche flan.

These little chocolate peanut butter filled cupcakes are from the States brought home by Tita Butchie. 

Interesting yellow box.....

Surprise! It is a tea cozy from Vietnam!

We really enjoy our monthly Senior lunches.

Lots of stories and catching up .... especially on the latest gossips about common people they know.   We are all looking forward to the next one, we already set a date.

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