Saturday, October 29, 2011

Serenitea, Bel-Air

There is a new milk tea place in Jupiter, Bel-Air called Serenitea.

Mona and I went after lunch to check out the place.  It is very cute from the outside but very hot al fresco drinking area and yet there were a couple of tables with patrons.  The shop crew said they get a lot of customers at night.

I asked the girl behind the counter what their best seller is, she recommended Okinawa Milk tea(brown sugar flavor).

I ordered it, 0% sugar, added black pearls and 2 packets of splenda.

Mona tried the Hokkaido Milk tea with extra black pearls.

I read in some blogs that it is very good.  It is a Butter-Toffee flavored milk tea.   It was too sweet for me because the sugar level was 100%.

At least it is convenient if I want a Milk Tea fix aside from my favorite Happy Lemon in Rockwell.


  1. Hi! What's the nearest landmark near Serenitea Bel-Air? Is it near Fiama? :)

  2. Hi, Mara! Yes, Fiama is the nearest landmark. Serenitea is at the corner of Asteroid and Jupiter Sts.

  3. hi is bel air serenitea located in rada makati?how can i get der im not familiar wid d place.tanx

  4. Serenitea, Bel-Air is along Jupiter St. The nearest landmark is the Buendia MRT station.