Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grilled Bacon Asparagus

My friend, Lisa, said canned asparagus is yuck! I told her I have fresh asparagus but it tastes so bland when I steam or boil it.  She said it is true, that is why she likes to grill or roast it.  She was right!  I experimented today with Grilled Bacon Asparagus and the taste of the spears really came out!  So sweet and crisp tender!

Grilled Bacon Asparagus

6 spears asparagus, trimmed
3 strips of bacon
salt and pepper

Soak the asparagus spears in cold water for 5 minutes so it will not dry out during grilling.  Wrap the bacon on 2 asparagus spears. Season with freshly cracked black pepper and rock salt.  Heat the stove top grill, when hot, lower heat and put the bacon wrapped asparagus on the grill.  Turn every 15 seconds, transfer onto a plate when bacon is cooked.

You can serve them as appetizers or put them in the chicken sandwich.

Bacon Asparagus Chicken Sandwich

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