Friday, October 28, 2011

Bulgogi Brothers

There is a new restaurant in Greenbelt 5 called Bulgogi Brothers, South Korean franchise owned by the TGIF-Italianni's Group.

The servings were huge and the meat so tender and cute. 

Heart Shaped Beef -  Unyang Style Bulgogi

Gwanyang Style Bulgogi - thinly sliced beef marinated in sweet sauce with beansprouts.

Dubu Steak - fried tofu with bean sprouts in Terriyaki  Sauce

They gave free condiments, salad, kimchi and spinach with sweet sauce.


3 dipping sauces: Spicy, salt and sweet.

The hot tea for the day was barley which came in a little thermos!

The soda glass was chilled and filled with ice!!!

My dessert was the Korean Melon popsicle.

Tita Portia and I were able to finish all our food!  It meant it was good.  I really liked the fact that the beef was so meltingly tender.  I would go back and try the other dishes.

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