Saturday, October 29, 2011

Impormptu Bagoong Fried Rice

While I was attending mass this afternoon, my mind was already wandering, thinking of what to eat for dinner.   When I got home, I suddenly felt very hungry but cannot imagine myself eating tocino with garlic rice and fried egg.  I had that the other night.  BORING!!!!!!

Then I read in FB that Tita Jit who lives in Bangkok will be busy cooking Thai food among other yummy treats!  Then it dawned on me that I can make Bagoong Rice!

I opened my recipe in my blog and discovered I was out of HIBE!  I also did not have green mangoes but still decided to cook sans the two ingredients.

I followed my recipe and then just added chopped roasted cashew, sliced red onions, sliced green lemon and Thai chili flakes.


It was really good.  It was not boring anymore!!!!  Imagine if I had to eat again the tocino with garlic rice and fried egg??????

Sometimes you just have to add a little from your usual and normal fare and it will be a totally different ball game.

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