Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love Conquers Distance

I was in Cebu yesterday for a day trip with my friends just to eat Lechon.  People seemed so incredulous that we went all the way to Cebu for that.  Why not?  My Grandmother used to take me to places when I was little whenever she had a craving.  Pork Barbeque from Nepo Mart in Pampanga, Pancit Malabon with Camachile biscuits in Malabon, Grilled Tilapia in Los Banos, Sinigang na Kanduli at Bahay Kawayan in Taytay, etc.

So, I thought it was natural to go to different places just to eat what I wanted.  Sometimes, I would invite my friends to join me in my adventures. We rode the bus to eat Crispy Pata in Candelaria, Quezon.  Mona and I went to Calamba just to try the Bulalo at Aviles!  Hahaha The trip took longer than the time we spent eating.  I went all the way to Tagaytay for the Bangus at LZM. Went to Cebu last March for a day of overindulgence and enjoyed CNT Lechon for breakfast. I had so many adventures around the metropolis and beyond just to satisfy my cravings du jour.

Our main event in Cebu was at Zubuchon Restaurant, Mango Avenue branch.  Anthony Bourdain said the best roasted pig in the world he has ever tasted was prepared by Market Man (Market Manila blogger), the owner of Zubuchon Lechon.  Good thing Candy reserved a table for us and our favorite part of the Lechon, center cut - ribs!!!

All the flavors are there!  The Lechon has a clean modern taste.  I was afraid the addition of some herbs would ruin the taste for me but it did not.  The meat was so tender!  Even the denture challenged will not have a hard time eating it.

We also ordered the Five Pork Rice.

It is their version of bagoong fried rice but with lechon bits, belly fat, chicharon, lard and lechon drippings!!!!!  Who could say NO to that?

Sizzling squid stuffed with Lechon sisig!

 We tried the famous adobo of Market Man.  It was braised slowly until the sauce evaporated.  Mayette would have loved it.

We felt guilty because most of the food were cholesterol laden, so we ordered Ensaladang Talong.... as decoration only HAHAHAHA No! We ate it.

Candy let us try the Budbod kabog... it was like suman but instead of malagkit rice, bird seeds were used!

Something new and interesting to the palette.

 The Iba (kamias) shake was really refreshing!!!

A great equalizer for all those porky dishes we had.  I would fly all the way back to Cebu just for it.  There was no tartness and yet there was a zing to it.

It was a delicious and satisfying lunch. We all had a happy smile on our faces.

People say that LOVE conquers distance ... I say ... My love for food conquers distance... there is no place too far nor too out-of-the-way for me.


  1. Beautiful Li! Now I'm craving for Zubochon and the Kamias shake! :)

    - Marianne

  2. Thank you, Marianne! So am I, re: kamias shake.