Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gilly!

My niece, Gilly, celebrated her 12th birthday last October 21.  We were invited today for lunch at M2M, New World Hotel.  I was having a hard time yesterday, I could not decide if I should get Gilly the Brownies cookbook or acrylic paint by color number set.  My Ate said, Gilly would enjoy the latter.  True enough, when she opened her present, she loved it!

I am still suffering from my allergy problems so my buffet skills were not put to extreme test today.

Of course the first thing I got was my favorite Lechon, skin and ribs.

I tried the pork siomai...

Ebi Tempura...

I could not resist the bacon!!!

It was a brunch buffet so they had breakfast food.

I also had the shrimp mushroom - meatball noodle soup.

The Ceasar salad was really good!

Lots of chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano!!!!

My dessert was just fresh fruits, dried figs and apricots, nuts, jello and assorted cheeses.

See???  Not bad at all.  I did not get the sushi, roast beef, seafood and the whole lot anymore.  I was feeling under the weather!  Just imagine what I would eaten if I was 100% well!

Tita Portia did not enjoy the lechon so much because there was no FAT!!!!   

The celebrant only ate tempura and siomai plus her dessert.

My Kuya just ordered the Hamburger and did not take buffet brunch.

It was a happy family lunch get together.  I was amazed at the willpower of my Ate because she just ordered a plate of salad and brought her portable food scale!  She is following the Cohen diet and has lost about 12 lbs. in 28 days!  Not bad at all!!!  Way to go Ate!

Happy Birthday, Gilly!!!  Until the next year!

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