Friday, October 28, 2011

Chicago Popcorn Shops

Look what PD and I found at the Cinema area of Greenbelt 3!!! 

Chicago Popcorn Shops! 

She was just watching Oprah last night and O was eating the Chicago Karamel Mix!!!

Lucky for me, we were able to try it. 

Soooooo YUM!!!!!

I know, I should have not eaten it because of the sugar content but it was really delish!  I liked the combination of the karamel and the cheese.

Next time, I am going to try the Chocolate mix!!!!  

I have a problem, once I start .... I will not be able to stop eating the popcorn!!!!!


  1. I usually get more caramel than cheese since im not so fond of scheese popcorn. but i still love chef tony's or holy kettle corn more than this. for chicago popcorn, Garrett's is still my pick!!

  2. My friend from Chicago said she loves Garrett's!!!

  3. oh yes..Garrett's is the absolute best!

    1. My friend brought home Garrett's, was able to try it!