Friday, August 17, 2018

Happy Birthday Everyday With The Perlas

Happy Birthday Everyday!

This time with the Perlas Ladies, another group of Bel-Air neighbors.

FGM Cindy, Tita Mench amd Vinnie.

They treated me to Peking Garden a few days ago.

As usual, we had our favorite Peking Duck.


It was my birthday "cake"!

Crispy Seafood Noodles.

Crispy Beef with sesame pockets.

Duck 2nd way.

We were so full already I just brought it home for the Part 2 celebration in my house the next day.

I made Duck Mami using the duck bones. I also made siopao with chicken mushroom filling.

Shrimp balls!  Everybody's favorite! Especially, Tita Menchit!  HAHAHA

They brought buko juice, ice cream and cakes!  The most important thing so I could blow out the candle!

One of the first pocket celebrations was with FGM and Vinnie.

I invited them over because I cooked Pancit Palabok and Tokwa't Baboy. 

My first time to blow out the candle for August.  They got me a cake from Mary Grace.

Thank you for the friendship Perlas Ladies!!!

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