Friday, August 10, 2018

Lengua With Mushroom Gravy

I do not like Lengua with Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup!

Hahahaha Sorry for being negative.  I really do not like food with creamy white sauce.

So, I came up with my own version of Lengua with Mushroom Gravy.  I prefer to call it gravy than sauce because it is actually a gravy!

People are so intimidated when it comes to cooking lengua or in English, ox tongue.  If you buy it in the supermarket, it is very clean already so it really is so easy to cook Lengua.

FYI I know I will not get the food aesthetic award of the year but I swear my food really tastes good!

Lengua With Mushroom Gravy

1.2-1.5 K. ox tongue
4 T. Coconut Brand soy sauce
10 pcs. whole peppercorn
2 pcs. bayleaves
4 C. water

Boil the ox tongue in water until the foam rises to the top.  Drain and rinse with cold water.

Put the ox tongue in a slow cooker then add the soy sauce, peppercorn, bayleaves and water.

Cook for 7 hours on high.

Leave it in the slowcooker until it is cool.

Remove the ox tongue from the slow cooker and peel away the tough skin.

SOOOO EASY!  It is like peeling the skin off of a banana.  Promise!

Save the broth.

Freeze or refrigerate the ox tongue until firm.

Use an electric or sharp knife to slice it thinly.

Arrange in a casserole pan.

Mushroom Gravy:

1/2 C. butter
1 white onion, chopped
1/2 C. all purpose flour
4. C. ox toungue stock
1 pc. beef cube
salt, as needed
1 t. pepper
1 big can of sliced mushroom, drained

Melt the butter in a pan.

Add the white onions and cook until soft.

Then add the beef cube.  Stir until it has dissolved in butter.

Remove the pan from the heat and add the flour all at once. 

Stir flour until well incorporated with the butter.

Slowly add the broth, stirring continuously.

Return to the heat and season with salt and pepper.

Stir until it has the consistency of a gravy.

Add the mushroom slices and let it boil for a minute.

Pour over the sliced ox tongue.

What to do with leftover Lengua with Mushroom Gravy???

Recycle it and make it a puff pastry filling!

I bought the Malaysian brand puff pastry in Market Place, Rockwell.

Put the square puff pastry on a silpat mat.

Chop the leftover lengua and put it in the middle of the puff pasty.

Brush the edges of the puff pastry with beaten egg.

Cover with another square of puff pastry.  Use a fork to seal the edges.  Brush the tops with egg wash.

Poke holes on top so the steam will escape.

Bake at 400F for 15 minutes.


Why did I cook Lengua With Mushroom Gravy????

Because I had one of my birthday celebrations today!

With the Batgirls, Batman and Robin!

Jing, Mariger, Mayette, Corry, Tricia, Jon and Sherman!

I also cooked my Filipino Paella from this blog.

The shrimps were grilled instead of boiled.

Our appetizers were chips and Chicken Liver Pate.

I asked Mayette to buy me baguette and we just toasted it in the oven.

Sherman is home from Japan and as always, he grilled the liempo for us.

Mariger brought Sizzling Tofu but I forgot to take a photo.

Since the charcoal was still hot, we grilled the longanisa hamonado from Maceda St.

The only way I like my hamonado is grilled!!!

Corry bought my birthday cake from Dairy Queen!

One of the reasons why I celebrate Happy Birthday Everyday is because I want to blow the candle on the cake while my friends sing Happy Birthday To You!!!

Thank you so much my dear Batgirls, Batman and Robin!


  1. Happy Birthday, Lia, may you have many more birthdays to celebrate. That's more cake for you to blow :-) By the way, that lengua looks really yummy. - Brent's mom