Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Junkies Night On Again

It's KST season and so the Junkies are together again!


We had a date at Mendokoro.  I have a ramen obsession and they indulged my craving!  After KST, we immediately went to Salcedo Village. 


Good thing we were there early because the place tends to get filled up easily.



I ordered the Shoyu Ramen. I forgot to give them my preference for the noodles which is soft to medium.


The rest of the gang ordered Tantanmen.  They all love al dente or very hard noodles.


We had dessert at Le Creperie.


I ordered the ice cream sundae.


They had Butter lemon crepe.


Salted Caramel  Crepe.


Brewed coffee


And then we went to Wildflour Cafe to buy bread and Salted Chocolate Caramel Cake, my 2nd dessert for the night.


The Junkies have 5 months to enjoy the company of each other!

More food adventures to look forward to!

Night On! (Fist bump!) hahahahahahaha

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