Sunday, June 19, 2016

Welcome Home, Debbie!

Debbie and family are in Manila for a couple of weeks. They are based in the USA now.  We had a small gathering to welcome them home at Cristina's house.

Her boys are quite tall.

Pinky brought her nephew and niece who just arrived from the USA, as well.   They will be here until the end of summer break.


The kids from abroad were still adjusting to a different time zone.  


While they were sleeping in the den, the adults had dinner!



Chicharon Bulaklak


Pancit from Miko's office canteen.


Pinky made adobo with quail eggs.


I cooked Kare-Kare.


Mona cooked the Sinigang na Bangus


And Palitaw.


The hosts ordered bbq from Mama Jeng's.


Buko Pandan from Jodie.


Chocolates from Candy.


Earlier in the day, Carrie baked the cookies and brought it to dinner.


She helped me make the pizza from scratch for our merienda.



It was nice seeing you again, Debbie and Aloy! Thank you for the chocolates! Hahahahaha And thanks for not giving me vitamins! *wink*

The original group of brainy women! 


They were from a lower batch but were accelerated.  They skipped the 7th grade and became our classmates in High School. 

Thank Goodness that you became our batchmates! 

Lucky us!

Hope you enjoy your vacation here, Debbie, Aloy and the kids! 

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